Cashback for Creativity was part of the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, managed by Creative Scotland which uses monies recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act to benefit Scotland’s young people.

From 2012-20, Screen Education Edinburgh ran CashBack, a high quality learning experience that offered a pathway of progression in film for young people aged 10-24, living in areas of deprivation who have little or no access to creative opportunities.

The programme also focused on supporting those that are NEET, those at risk of being excluded, those at risk of involvement in anti-social, offending or re-offending behaviour and young people affected by crime.

Young people were given a solid grounding in all aspects of filmmaking leading to short film production, including watching, understanding, screenwriting, cinematography, sound, directing, producing and editing, with the opportunity to gain an Arts Award qualifications at various levels.

Progression support towards further study and/or support into the workplace was at the heart of the programme for all learners.

To watch our Cashback for Creativity films click here