Your Take registration

Welcome to the registration page for Your Take.

The following data will remain confidential and will be used for monitoring and evaluation purposes only, full details of SEE’s privacy policy can be found here -

Please list below ALL learners taking part in your household, there is no requirement for a specific number, individuals can take part too.

Please note: only ONE login to the online learning portal will be provided for each household.

Primary Applications are now CLOSED
Secondary Applications close at Midnight on 11/06/2020

Please note ALL learners need parental/guardian consent to take part, only one consent per household is required.

Release Permission

To be able to screen your films online, and use them for PR etc, we need your parental/guardian permission -

I give permission for Screen Education Edinburgh (SEE) to use the film/s created. I understand that this material may be used for promotional/evaluation purposes by SEE.

I also grant to SEE, whilst retaining any copyright which I own, the right and licence in perpetuity to:

(a) screen any short film (the “Films”) online, I have been a part of creating, during the course;
(b) use clips from the Films for promotional/evaluation purposes;
(c) screen the Films at film festivals and special events

We will not use personal details (including e-mail or postal address, telephone, school names) or full names of any child used for marketing purposes.

Please complete the following Equality and Diversity monitoring questions, selecting ALL that apply to those learning in your household

Finally, to help us know a little about you so we can make the course the best we can for you, please rate where the learner/s in your household feel they are on a scale of 1 - 5

With 1 = little knowledge/confidence/experience - 5 = lots of knowledge/confidence/experience