This November we’re running a series of free online workshops in the lead up to our online showcase event. Details of our online showcase for Our Edinburgh and Your Take can be found here.

The workshops are designed for young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians to take their filmmaking to the next level. During each one-hour workshop our tutors will focus in-depth on a particular aspect of filmmaking, including advanced storyboarding, screenwriting, camera operation, as well as techniques of animation, such as squash and stretch and gestures and dynamic poses, to name a few. So, if you’ve done any filmmaking before, whether it’s at home, in school, or on one of our programmes, then these workshops are for you!

Due to popular demand we have now lowered the age range for some of our workshops and extended our deadline to reflect this.

Further details about each workshop can be found below. You can apply to join as many as you like. Spaces are limited so click here to apply now! The deadline is Thursday 19th November, 5pm.


The following workshop is open to young people aged 8-11 years


Advanced Storyboarding Workshop - Friday 27th November 2-3pm

In this workshop you will learn how to create a powerful tool to share your story ideas. From thumbnails to layouts, learn about the different ways real industry professionals create and use storyboards and why they are so important.

You will also learn tips and formulas for showing camera shots and angles, camera movements and the beginnings of visually bringing your story to life.

Resources needed: Pencils and paper.


The following workshops are open to young people aged 14-18 years


Camera Workshop - Tuesday 24th November, 6-7pm

This session will focus on camera composition, angles and movement to help create a certain look and mood to a scene/film. The learners will watch and discuss a series of examples of camera techniques before experimenting on their own phones or tablets and sharing their work with everybody else.

Resources needed: A device with video recording function (ideally separate to the device you are using to access our online workshop), pen and paper for notes.


Screenwriting Workshop - Wednesday 25th November, 6-7pm


This session is to help learners get their ideas off the ground and develop them into well structured screenplays. We will be looking at character and conflict and how both are pivotal in helping shape stories. We will then look at how to format a screenplay before all learners will attempt to develop a 1 page scene together written on Celtx.

Resources needed: signed up to Celtx free online version, pen and paper for notes


 The following workshop is open to young people aged 15-18 years


Squash and Stretch Workshop - Monday 23rd November, 6-7pm

Squash and Stretch is a fundamental skill and one of the 12 principles of animation. Its purpose is to give a sense of weight and flexibility to a previously inanimate object.

You will learn the classic ball bounce technique which incorporates the principles of squash and stretch, slow in slow out, arc, timing, keyframing and anticipation, action, reaction.

This is the cornerstone technical lesson of classical animation, which enables us to build a foundation for creating all realistic movement and you will learn why.

Resources needed: A device capable of downloading the free animation app FlipaClip (ideally separate to the device you will be accessing our online workshop on), you will also need pen/pencils and paper.


The following workshop is open to young people aged 12-18 years


Gestures and Dynamic Poses for Animation Workshop - Tuesday 1st December, 6-7pm

Learning to create dynamic poses will give your animated characters life. This drawing workshop will focus on the human form and participants will gain understanding of the line of action, anatomy, weight, keeping it loose and the value of giving your character something to do.

You will be drawing short poses of the human form from clothed reference.

Resources needed: Paper and a drawing medium of your own preference (pencil, biro pen, marker pen, brush pen, charcoal, pastel are all good choices)