Taking place at Queen Margaret University in Musselburgh each weekend from early October, 20 young people aged 16 to 19 from Edinburgh, the Lothians, and Falkirk, have been developing on our BFI Film Academy network programme led by SEE's Sean Young, supported by Brian Robinson and Kaitlyn Roper, including intensive learning in the film crafts of screenwriting, production, directing, cinematography, sound, and editing, and taking part in film and tv industry masterclasses focused on screenwriting with Sergio Casci, writer of recent horror films The Call and The Lodge, and production design with Caroline Steiner, production designer of recent feature films The Man in the Hat and The War Below.

Each learner has also been progressing through the BFI/Screen Skills Preparing to Work in the Film Industry qualification moderated by NCFE, and in teams recently completed development, pre production and production of 3 short films Butterfly, Coffee Stains, and Like Mother Like Daughter, with post production taking place in the new year, alongside completion of their qualification, and industry and education progression masterclasses, with SEE's team supporting young people towards their aims of further and higher education study, or towards film, tv or wider media industry entry.