The SEE Young Filmmakers Hub is aimed at young people aged 12-18 living in Edinburgh, providing them with an opportunity to learn the art of filmmaking, regardless of their circumstances. This practical course offers hands-on training in various filmmaking roles, including sound and lighting design, cinematography, and directing. The Hub encourages young people to explore new interests and strengths, fostering good teamwork skills and self-confidence in a welcoming and inclusive environment.  

Thanks to the invaluable support from the Sean Connery Foundation, SEE launched the Young Filmmakers Hub in Summer 2023 and ran a successful first course, in which groups worked towards creating their own music video. The next course in Autumn focused more on making a narrative short film.  

In 2024, SEE is looking for new people to join the Hub and dive deeper into the magic of filmmaking. The course is designed to provide a relaxed environment for exploring the craft, intertwined with exciting masterclasses, cinema trips, and of course, watching and making a lot of films!  


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Course Information 

The course is completely free, with no experience in filmmaking needed, just a passion for watching films and a desire to make your own! 

After finishing this course, participants will have the option to enrol in more year-round filmmaking activities at SEE. The Young Filmmakers Hub is committed to providing ongoing support and development, nurturing the talents of aspiring filmmakers and empowering them to fully pursue their passion. Working in groups learners will be tasked with developing, shooting and editing their very own narrative short film. 

The SEE Young Filmmakers Hub is structured into three age groups—ensuring a focused and targeted experience for each learner. Although we suggest joining a group based on age, we encourage individuals and parents to contact us if they feel they would benefit more from a different group. Our team is always available to discuss options and assist you in making the most of your filmmaking journey. 

The course offers a degree of flexibility for individuals who may have other commitments, as it is not mandatory to attend all sessions. This approach is intended to ensure that individuals who wish to participate in the course are afforded the opportunity to do so, even if their schedules are not entirely accommodating. 


All sessions will take place at Screen Education Edinburgh (30 Ferry Road Avenue, EH4 4BA). 



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Group 1 (12-14 years old) 

Tailor-made for young, budding film enthusiasts eager to explore the fundamentals of filmmaking, learners will participate in a series of fun and engaging workshops from February to April 2024. The workshops will cover all the basics, from story development and production design to cinema trips for inspiration. This hands-on experience includes critical stages such as final story development, film planning, shooting, editing, fine cut, and concludes with an evaluation and celebration on Thursday, April 25th. As part of the course, you will also go on a cinema trip with your peers. If you are a creative soul looking to bring your stories to life on the big screen, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to shine! 


Course dates: 

All evening classes will be 18:00-20:00. Weekend sessions will be 10:00-16:00. 

  • Thursdays: 08, 15, 22, 29 February 

07, 14, 21 March 

04, 11, 18, 25 April 

  • Film Shoot: Saturday 13 April  

  • Film Editing Sunday 14 April  



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Group 2 (14-15 years old) 

From February to June, our carefully paced schedule ensures a relaxing and supportive environment where you can delve into camera composition, lighting, sound recording, and production design. You can embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that missing a session won't hinder your progress. Our programme is designed to help you earn a Bronze Arts Award through experiential learning during the sessions, without the need for additional homework. Moreover, you will have access to Industry Masterclasses, a rare opportunity to learn from industry professionals, which are seamlessly integrated into the programme to enhance your overall experience and take your skills to the next level. 


Course dates: 

All evening classes will be 18:00-20:00. Weekend sessions will be 10:00-16:00. 

  • Tuesdays: 06, 13, 20, 27 February 

05, 12, 19 March 

09, 16, 23, 30 April 

07, 14 May 

04, 11, 18, 25 June 

  • Film Shoot: Group 1: Tuesday 21 & 28 May OR 

Group 2: Thursday 23 & 30 May 

  • Celebration: 27 June 



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Group 3 (16-18 years old)  

Our programme runs from February to June and is designed to offer aspiring filmmakers a relaxed haven to explore and experiment with cinematography, sound recording, screenwriting and other skills. We understand that this period can be busy academically, and our programme is aimed at providing valuable skills and a platform for creative a creative outlet without any additional stress. You can join us in a supportive hub environment, attend Industry Masterclasses, and engage in hands-on workshops. It's your stress-free gateway to creativity through film. 


Course dates: 

All evening classes will be 18:00-20:00. Weekend sessions will be 10:00-16:00. 

  • Wednesdays: 07, 14, 21, 28 February 

6, 13, 20 March 

10, 17, 24 April 

1, 8, 15, 22, 29 May 

26 June 

  • Film Shoot: Group 1: Wednesday 5 & 12 June OR 

Group 2: Thursday 6 & 13 Jube 

  • Film Editing: Saturday 15 & Wednesday 19 June 


Applications are closed for the SEE Young Filmmakers Hub.


If you have any questions or queries about the course, please contact the course leader Jonathan Payne.


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