Screen Education Edinburgh is thrilled to announce its participation in the Culture & Business Marketplace Scotland, a pioneering online platform set to transform the relationship between businesses and culture organisations across Scotland. Our team was excited to attend the launch of this platform at the Scottish Parliament.

As one of the committed participants in the Marketplace pilot, Screen Education Edinburgh is excited to leverage this first-of-its-kind platform to connect with businesses seeking to expand their creative horizons. By listing our unique 'Make a Film in a Day' experience as a "seller" on the Marketplace, we aim to forge meaningful partnerships that will support the realisation of our creative ideas and initiatives.

The Culture & Business Marketplace Scotland will serve as a dynamic database, allowing businesses, or "buyers," to explore a range of opportunities presented by culture organisations like us. Using filters such as "supporting innovation, creative thinking, and problem-solving in the workplace" and "improving staff health and wellbeing," potential buyers can identify collaborations that align with their specific needs and objectives.

By participating in the Culture & Business Marketplace Scotland, Screen Education Edinburgh aims to establish valuable partnerships that will unlock new avenues for creativity and growth. We look forward to engaging with businesses that share our vision and passion for pushing boundaries, expanding artistic possibilities, and nurturing talent. Screen Education Edinburgh is proud to be part of this transformative initiative that will drive collaboration and create opportunities for the cultural and business sectors to thrive together.