One of our learners Alex Ribes Cooke, who took part in our 'Your Take' project, where he created his own animation called "The Lonely Polar Bear" has won the best 11 and under Animation Award at the Into Film Awards.

During our 'Your Take' project, Alex created a stop-motion animation called "The Lonely Polar Bear". The animation sees the polar bear having no option but to head south in search of a new home when the ice at the North Pole begins to melt as a result of climate change.

Throughout the project, Alex worked really hard to create his animation. He started with his idea and created his story outline with a storyboard, before proceeding to build his sets and models out of the materials he had available to him. 

For the protest scene, Alex was able to use an audio recording taken from a real-life children's climate change protest that he had attended. This brings some authenticity to the scene that only helps to reinforce the film's message, and he and his dad recorded additional music on their own ukuleles.

For being nominated, Alex got to go with his family down to London and attend the Into Film awards ceremony. Where he got to meet a number of celebrities such as Anson Boon and Thaddea Graham (who even presented him with this award!). 

When accepting his award Alex said "Thank you to the Into Film Awards for hosting such an amazing event and also to my teacher Sharon from Screen Ed, for teaching me all the technical parts. I did my animation during Covid and my family helped me along the way, so thank you to my family and most importantly thank you to my gorgeous snails for putting on a beautiful act."

Congratulations Alex and a very well deserved win! 

You can watch the full animation of the lonely polar bear here: