Screen Education Edinburgh partnered up with The Guardian to tell the story of the community in North Edinburgh and their fight to bring back their much loved festival. Our filmmaker Jennifer Souter worked with John Domokos from The Guardian throughout this production.

When asked about her experience on the project, Jennifer said "My aim when making the film was to show the positivity that is not often shown about this community in mainstream media. When undertaking initial research for the film I would ask local residents what they wanted to show people about the community and how they felt it had been represented in media and almost everyone’s response was that the community was filled with good people that we never get to see. Local people didn’t think there was enough positive stories about the area as much of the representation is dominated by crime and antisocial behaviour. During the course of the making of the film the team and I worked with so many amazing people  who work tirelessly to make things better for the community in spite of widening inequalities."

The film follows the story of a community coming back together post-covid to create the first local Festival in decades. It highlights the importance of connection, recovery and never giving up.

Watch the full film on the Guardian here: