Project description 

This young person became involved with SEE through the City of Edinburgh Council’s JET Academy programme that helps to support young people who are disengaged from school to engage with activities that will help them to move into a positive destination. The young person completed the Film Access course, working with a group to make their own short film. 

Background of young person featured 

When the young person was referred to JET he was a non-attender at school. He had struggled with confidence issues and was reluctant to leave the house. At his earliest engagement with SEE he didn’t make it to the first session as his confidence was so low and he was anxious about meeting new people and taking part in a new activity. However, with support, he managed to attend the second week (his parent waited in a local café just in case things didn’t go well) and stayed for the entire session. He had some previous experience of film making - he and his friends filmed each other skateboarding and made short YouTube clips. 

How the young person got involved 

The Young Person was referred to SEE through the City of Edinburgh Council’ JET Academy. His guidance teacher heard about the opportunity and that there were some other young people taking part and passed the details to The Young Person's dad who got in touch with the JET Academy. A youth worker from the JET Academy supported the young person to attend. 

Outcomes achieved so far 

The Young Person had since attended college and has completed a NC is Photography. He has now applied to college to study for a *Clare to check tonight*. In the meantime he has also progressed onto and completed a progression course with SEE called Introduction to Film and he will now progress to a Next Steps Film Making course where he will be part of a crew for a Strange Town Theatre Company project in partnership with SEE. He will also complete and Arts Award as part of the Introduction to Film Course. 

Impact so far on young person due to their participation with the project/programme you are running 

The Young Person re-engaged with SEE after a short break to return to do the Introduction to Film Course, In addition to this the team that work with the Young Person have observed that he has developed in confidence massively. He now attends the sessions by himself, contributes more openly in the group and has had 100% attendance. When reflecting on his progress on Introduction to Film course The Young Person said ‘I felt like I improved my confidence on set’. 

The Young Person has also developed his film skills and editing skills which he says has helped give him the confidence to apply to college. He has also said that he has learned to be more patient as you need patience on set to make sure you get the shots you want.