Image description: Max operates camera


Max started at SEE on the Introduction to Short Filmmaking course, building a solid foundation for learners in the fundamentals of filmmaking, and has recently completed the Screen Progression Programme. Here, Max explains more about his experience with SEE, encouraging people wondering whether our courses are right for them to give it a go! 

I first discovered SEE through the short course Introduction to Short Filmmaking. The course was useful and opened my world to the practical side of filmmaking. I was able to meet like-minded classmates, some of them I still stay in touch and work with to this day. One major advantage of the courses SEE offers is that they are very affordable and informative - allowing students to learn a great deal about filmmaking within a short period of time and decide whether it's something they want to pursue further.  

My experience with SEE has been immensely rewarding. The two tutors that I had a chance to learn from were knowledgeable, encouraging, and professional in their teaching and organising of the course. In addition, the organization is able to allow access to filming equipment so students can translate theory into hands-on practice. The courses further deepen my belief that I would like to continue improving my craft and make better films (hopefully a feature film one day). I truly enjoy the process of filmmaking and the freedom of expression associated with it, even when there are always obstacles in the way of making a film come to life.  

To anyone thinking about taking a filmmaking course, I encourage you to give it a go! While you can absorb theoretical knowledge online, the essence of filmmaking truly unfolds when you immerse yourself in a structured course, grapple with equipment, and bring a story to life on screen. And even if you come to understand that filmmaking is not something for you, you will walk away with a lovely experience and some useful insights about using cameras, lighting, editing, and recording sounds. I cannot think of a better place to begin your learning about filmmaking than SEE.