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Katie is a Media teacher who took part in our Set the Scene programme, which delivered the first film teaching course accredited by the General Teaching Council Scotland. Currently working towards the PgCert in Film and Screen Education, which SEE delivers in partnership with Queen Margaret University, Katie highlights how SEE has positively impacted her work as a teacher. 


I’ve known of SEE for a number of years but only really worked with them in the past 3 years since I moved to Edinburgh Council and Boroughmuir High School. Before this I was in the Scottish Borders Council at Kelso High School, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to collaborate. 

I’ve been a qualified Media Teacher since 2005 and throughout the years there has been no opportunity of formal training. A lot of what I have learnt is self-taught and I have always felt the need for formal training, especially with the practical side of Media, as my background is the History of Film which I studied at university. When I saw this opportunity to receive formal training, I jumped at the chance, especially since it would fit around my job.  

The course has helped me to advance my teaching knowledge and has helped me to develop the practical side of Media to a high level. It has given me the confidence to lead practical film courses and share my expertise with pupils and the wider community. 

I really enjoyed the practical workshops as the SEE tutor was so clear with his instructions and had a lot of patience with the class. I also really enjoyed collaborating with other Media teachers across Edinburgh. Due to the subject being one of the newest on the curriculum, Media teachers are usually on their own in schools, me included, so it is lovely to meet like-minded people. 

I have incorporated the practical skills into my lessons from S3 up to S6. I particularly love the editing task we were shown using photographs and it has proved to be a very worthwhile activity to help the pupils engage with their footage and think about the structure of their pieces. Sound was also a very big learning curve and something I have now been able to use in my NPA classIt has assisted my understanding of the equipment I already had access to at school but was never able to use due to lack of knowledge and time to learn.   

I am also using my experience as part of my practitioner enquiry that I will present to the wider school environment at the end of the year – this will also give me time to show the impact of the course in my teaching. The course was a lot of work but extremely worthwhile. SEE makes the experience fun and enjoyable while understanding the pressures we have as teachers.  

My experience at SEE was so positive. The team couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful. They were understanding and accommodating when my teaching took me away from the course, but always on hand to offer support and advice. I would recommend any course led by SEE.